Web Hosting

Being the best and most cost efficient hosting provider, we have providing outstanding customer care for more than 9 years. We offer both  Entry Hosting and Business Hosting plan as well as newly arrived Enterprise Email Hosting Plan.

Entry Hosting plan are suitable for personal and very small business customers who do no need so many features and are looking for best price. The best candidate for a entry hosting is a site that contains mostly static HTML pages with a small amount of traffic. Entry hosting offer limited amount of disk space.

For professional users and serious business websites we have some great solutions which you can find under Business Hosting plan. Business Hosting plan have more power, some unlimited features and everything to help your medium business at a very modest price.

You can register domain name with a us and have your web site hosted by our hosting servers. If domain name registration is done at a different site, then you'll have go to your domain name control panel to point your domain to the hosting company (by editing the nameserver). Here is the guidelines to change the domain name serversRegister domain name and web hostingwith us if you do not want to go through the trouble of managing one site using two different systems and this provide great convenience for you.

There are some features of the web hosting services that you need to be considered:

  • Storage Space is the amount of hard disk space allocated for you to store your web's files. Most of web hosting companies now offer up to a few hundred gigabytes of storage. It's ridiculously high - almost all users of shared hosting plans do not need this type of space. A dynamic database driven site only need less than 100MB space. You'll have a hard time managing your files, if you really use all that gigabytes of space .
  • Uptime
  • Support : We provide 24x7 real people phone support and email support.
  • Platform : Our servers running on realiable and fast linux Servers. Php & Mysql also support at our hosting.
  • Free Software : A collection of open source applications like WordPress Blog, Jomla website maker are ready to installed at business hosting plan.
  • Email and FTP : Our email support all standard email protocols like IMAP, POP3,SMTP, web mail. FTP or web based file manager enable you upload your files to the web server.
  • Bandwidth is the amount of data transferred to or from your website and your email accounts. If you are running a personal or medium sized business, gigabytes bandwidth is more than enough.

Beware of these in your search for the best web hosting services

  • Beware of the word Unlimited - Data transfer or bandwidth costs money and the web hosting companies need to pay their upstream providers for the bandwidth that you use.
  • Money back guarantee is normally only for the hosting service. Setup/processing fee may be deducted and any domain name registration fee will normally not be refunded as well.
  • Beware of new and non established web hosting companies and also resellers. Resellers noarmally do not have their own web servers - they just purchase the storage and bandwidth from major web hosting companies for resell.