Guidelines To Register Domain Name


Domain Name is the internet website address or sales pages address such as The domain name is unique and there can be only one

Suffix of the address .com, .net, & .org are the top-level domain. While you can register malaysia domain name like .my,, if the international top level domain was not available. If you are operating a business and want to draw potential customers to your site, you can tie up the market by buying several domains with your company's name at .com,.biz,.info,.net, etc

Here are some explanation of the domain extension:

  • .com : one of the most common business worldwide domain extension
  • .biz : domain suffix provided for businesses and eCommercial websites
  • .info : domain suffix provided for information, like news, political blogs, etc.
  • .org : domain suffix provided primarily for non profit websites and organizations
  • .net : domain suffixfor online businesses such as web hosting companies, domain name resellers and similar online providers
  • .name : domain suffix provided for personal websites and web spaces

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Here are some guidelines to select a great domain name for your company:

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