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Window Business Hosting
Our window webhosting support almost all pouplar scripting language like ASP,, PHP, CGI

A website has to be hosted on a web server before it can be accessed by online users from the Internet. There is a wide range of web servers running on different platform to choose from within the webhosting market today. The server's operating system determines what hosting scripting languages can run and what databases are supported. One of the most commonly found platform is window server platform.

Window webhosting refers to the websites which are hosted at Window Information Server (IIS). Window webhosting provides powerful end to end management, reliability features, scalability and so it is very popular for the integration of business with internet

If your website is purely make up of static web page(ie HTML, HTM files) then any web hosting platform will work fine for you. Most website builders choose a server with window technologies. The hosting scripting like ASP, language and MS Access allow you generate website with dynamic content. While common program such as Perl, PHP, Flash and MySQL run on window webhosting Platform.

The big advantage of using window webhosting plans is that all the applications developed by Microsoft application like Microsoft Front Page are easily integrated into the system. You can also integrate cross browser script like Javascripts, Vbscripts with ASP (Active Server Pages) or For data management, you can use Ms Access or MySQL database system. Mysql has been approved by many top level companies that MySQL servers are undoubtedly the most reliable database management system.

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