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Web Design

Plan Your Website: Current Site Analysis

Please fill in questionnaire below, to let us better know your requirement.

Will this project be a redesign or new website?

A1) If you selected redesign, what is your current URL?

A2) If your website is currently up, who is your current web host?

A3) If you gave an answer for A2, how much you currently paying per year for your hosting?

A4) What are your reasons for redesign of your current site?


A5) What features of current site would you like to keep?

A6) What features of the current site don't you like?

A7) What feedback have you had about current site?

A8) Do you already have a domain registered?

B1)If you selected that you do have a domain name registered, what is the domain?

B2) If you already have a domain registered, how much are you paying for the domain?

B3) Do you plan on registering another domain?

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