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Web Hosting & Email Hosting Services

Register Domain in Malaysia

A domain name is simply a system for providing a human-memorable name for particular computer on the Internet. There are several advantages to a domain name:
  • Your web service and email addresses can be consistent (eg, and
  • A domain name is shorter and more memorable than a URL under your ISP' domain name (eg vs
  • Most importantly: You have freedom to move your web hosting and email from one Internet Service Provider to another without having to change your URL and email address.

The 3 top level domain names are .com, .net, & .org. DotCOm domains are usually the best choice, if available. Organizations should use .org while commercial business should use .com,.net, depending on the availability of .com's.
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Web Hosting

Now you can get your domain registered and linked the hosting together so you could begin making your websites and using your emails within minutes of purchase. This not only gave you a bigger saving but it kept everything simple and just having renewal fee and everything in the same place. Now you can avoid the hassle of checking a number of companies just to ensure that everything is working as intended.

You will definitely benefit from buying hosting & domain name package as you will have everything in one place. We also give you a discounted price if you plan on buying the domain & hosting in bulk
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Email Hosting Services Malaysia

Your company can benefit greatly by adding e-mail to your infrastructure. Many companies have chosen to outsource their e-mail needs.

There are many benefits in doing this. These include:

  • You can save the hardware cost  which spend to buy email servers and hosting facilities.
  • Outsourcing your e-mail allows for you to free up an Network Administrator from the duties in maintaining the e-mail system.
  • Your business saves money by avoiding the cost of software such as Lotus Notes, Novell's GroupWise, or Exchange. Our email hosting has been meeting the e-mail needs of both businesses and individuals for nearly 10 years. We understand the issues related to your business allowing us to design and implement both small and large email systems.
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Small Business Web Development

Are you planning have a new website or revamp your current web site? We have connections with local web designers and we can give you good recommendations. All our affiliate web developers offers affordable web solutions for small businesses.
Here are some suggestion to improve your website:

  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Contest or Giveaways
  • Banner Ads
  • Special or Limited Time Offers
  • Shopping Cart
  • Accept Credit Cards
  • Site Search
  • Surveys or questionnaires
  • Specialized Calculators
  • Live Online Support
  • Guest Book
  • Membership Area
  • Press Releases
  • Newsletter/Mailing List
  • Discussion Board/Forum
  • Classified Ad Directory
  • Art,Photo, or Graphics Gallery
  • Customer Feedback
  • Online Product Catalogues
  • Automatic news or article feeds
  • Flash
  • Animations
  • Diretory Database
  • Newsletter Archieves
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Web Analyze

Webalizer is the most popular web traffic analytics software which was installed along with our business hosting plan and enterprise email hosting plan.The details web analyze will shows hits, files, pageviews, unique visitors, unique sites, and kilobytes sent in one chart. You also can know your bandwith usage on you hosting account.