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FrontPage Hosting Introduction

Frontpage hosting offers terms of support for web authoring software product, Microsoft FrontPage. It is operated from windows OS. The frontpage hosting providing flexible web site management and also the ability for editing and formatting the HTML. All this functionality is achievable through an interface which is easy to use and have friendly nature, especially for those people who have used MS office already.

The functionality and capabilities of this hosting were enhanced to great level with frontpage web hosting. As a matter of fact it can work in its best manner if frontpage hosting server has all the extensions installed. In fact there can be many extra advantages that you can find with this cheap frontpage web hosting.

  • 'Publish' your website directly to your hosting account, without any need for FTP.
  • FrontPage's 'Web-Bots' make it easy to place things such as forms and guest books on a site without having to learn complex scripting.
  • Edit your site 'on the fly', meaning that FrontPage can log you directly into your site on the server to edit the pages in real time, rather than having to make changes locally and then re-upload all the changed files.