Email Hosting

Our email hosting plan will give the business owner unlimited email accounts at a low price. Our email hosting include virus filtering and protection from SPAM. Protection from viruses keeps your computer system safe. SPAM protection marks unwanted email, thus saving you time from reading email that is not related to your business or is simply a sales pitch from an outside company.

Most websites are given the option of email hosting with their domain name. A good email hosting company will offer a business owner many email accounts. The package you purchase from your email hosting company will determine how many email accounts you will have.

Access Webmail from Anywhere

Email hosting plan provide HTTPMail & Web mail that allows you to access your mail from the server and leaves the email on the server. Web mail is an email service that uses a web browser to allow viewing, sending, receiving, editing & deleting of email, just as you would with standard email clients such as Outlook or Eudora.Web mail is ideal for mobile users because it allows you to access your email from anywhere, anytime with any computer connected to the Internet.
Web mail features:

  • Custom web mail skins
  • Add attachments to email
  • Email hosting support auto-signature
  • Users can change passwords through web mail
  • Keep personal contacts with online address book
  • View HTML e-mails
  • Compose HTML e-mail messages
  • Auto signature
  • Print messages from web mail
  • Change passwords
  • Sorting & Searching email contents : search by subject, content and sender
  • Folder Management

Control your email address through web administration

Email hosting plan provide l includes Web Administration. If you have authenticated as an Admin user, you will be able to manage users/mailboxes.

Better spam filters, quick and secure delivery

Email hosting plan includes powerful filtering and anti-spam features to help keep your inbox free from junk mail. Bayesian filtering,message filtering,sender policy framework,URL blacklist content filtering were used to filtering unwanted or spam emails.

E-mail forwards/Aliases & Vacation Auto-responders

Choosing an email hosting plan will depend on what your company needs. Our email hosting supporting email forwarding where emails are sent to another account of the business owner. This feature is useful for business owners who have multiple websites. With email forwarding from the email hosting service provider, all emails are forwarded to one account.

Blackberry, iPhone & PDA Support.

Conveniently use your mobile device to check your email on the go. Enjoy wireless email access from anywhere.

Microsoft Outlook compatible

Use Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail or other third party email clients with our service. Setup is simple.

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